Renting EverBlocks

We offer rentals of EverBlock modules for your next opening, conference, party or event.  From modular trade show booths to temporary structures and from event furniture to room dividers, we can help make your next project a success. 

Why rent EverBlock?

Sometimes you have a one-time project or application that would be ideal for EverBlock but it doesn't make sense to own the blocks. In situations like these, rental of modular building blocks might be a better choice.  You can build your object, with or without our help, and when the project is over, return them to us to they can be re-used for future constructions.  

Our team can help you determine the quantity you require and the most efficient layout for your project.  We love creating incredible things so don't hesitate to contact us with event the wildest ideas or requests. ‚Äč

  • We offer complete design and installation services and can quote you for a turnkey rental including EverBlocks, freight, installation, and removal.  

For enquiries, please contact us at: